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Mid Town Photo Studio

$600 per day

Midtown White Loft

$1,500 per day

Arte East

$250 per day

Professional Kitchen Studio Midtown

$1,200 per day

2000 sq ft Hells Kitchen South Light Loft

$1,600 per day

Penthouse Daylight Studio - Garment District

$1,000 per day

Daylight Drive In Studio - Garment District

$1,200 per day

Blue Gallery

$4,000 per day

Midtown Manhattan Studio

$700 per day

Midtown 1000 sq ft Modern Studio

$600 per day

7000+ sq ft Studio in Midtown West

$5,000 per day

Hells Kitchen Loft for Shoots, Shows and events

$2,500 per day

Midtown 11th Floor Loft

$3,080 per day

Midtown 10th Floor Loft

$1,980 per day

Midtown Penthouse Loft

$3,500 per day

Beautiful Shabby Chic South Light Loft 2000 sq ft

$1,600 per day

Gorgeous West Side Rooftop with Empire View

$3,000 per day

Unique Photo/Video Studio with Equipm Included

$800 per day

Flatiron Natural Light Raw Space

$1,400 per day

NYC Chelsea Daylight Penthouse Studio

$2,500 per day

Manhattan Daylight Penthouse Studios

$2,600 per day

Madison Avenue Penthouse Studio

$650 per day

Great Chelsea Daylight Studio

$500 per day

Creative & Spacious Studio Space

$1,200 per day

Midtown Manhattan North-Light Studio

$1,200 per day