Studio C - Cyc + Artificial Grass Wall

Studio C - Cyc + Artificial Grass Wall

person Max crew size 20 house One Room, Natural Light, Indoor, Still Life, Cyclorama
What makes our studio unique?

2400 sqft.  Give your project room to breathe in this studio measuring over 2,400 sqft with a white 19-foot cyclorama wall. It is set up as a daylight studio by default, providing plenty of natural light via its big windows and bright atmosphere. The studio can be blacked out allowing you to play with the cyc wall in a variety of lighting conditions.  Important! Cyclorama comes as is. If you wish it to be re-painted for your booking, please request in advance. The repaint fee is $75.  A 28-inch Mola Setti beauty dish is provided at no extra charge upon request, and the studio also comes equipped with a naturalistic grass backdrop wall and floor.


  1. We also have 27 Studios in Metro New York
  2. We also have 7 Studios in Chicago
$64.99 /per hour

warning There is an existing first hold for this date & time. You may request a second hold.

About our studio

  • Special Pricing:  Monday - Friday
    • 4 hrs -- $59.99/hr     Total $239
    • 8 hrs -- $54.99/hr     Total $439
    • 12 hrs -- $49.99/hr   Total $599
    • By Hour: $64.99
  • Special Pricing:  Saturday - Sunday
    • 4 hrs -- $64.99/hr     Total $269
    • 8 hrs -- $59.99/hr     Total $479
    • 12 hrs -- $54.99/hr   Total $659
    • By Hour:  $69.99

All our spaces are booked very quickly! Availability times are VERY time-sensitive. Your booking request should include the time for set up and break down. Reservations are placed back to back. Please keep this in mind while requesting your booking. Happy (photo/video) shootings!



  • 100% Private Stage
  • No Deposit Required
  • No Insurance / Permits
  • Wireless Triggers
  • Paper Backdrops
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fans, Sand Bags etc.
  • 2x Make-up Station
  • Black Leather Sofa
  • Sound System (AUX)
  • 3x Flash Units (Strobes)
  • AC / Fan (14k BTU)
  • A 28-inch Mola Setti beauty dish (upon request)

Paper Backdrops: Three default colors (White, Grey and Black) FREE of charge.  The installation of colored backdrops - $10/roll.  Every foot of damage of any backdrop is $6 (from the edge till where we have to cut off).

  • Rates excludes cleaning/damage fee (billed only upon occurrence).
  • Studio/Stage is not soundproof
Included with Any Studio rental
  • 3 x light modifiers -your choice of three or any available:
  • 7'' reflectors +optional grid/small color gels
  • 22" beauty dish + optional 30 degree grid/diffuser
  • medium softbox
  • medium strip softboxes 14"x63" + optional grid;
  • medium octabank 48";
  • 7' parabolic umbrella + optional diffuser
  • snoot + optional grid
  • 28" Mola Setti (with Stage C rental, upon request)
  • 1 x wireless trigger
  • 1 x receiver
  • 3 x alien bees B800
  • 3 x alien bees power cords
  • 3 x 40'' or 20" c-stands
Provided at NO EXTRA COST upon request (shared between all the stages, subject to availability):
  • sandbags,
  • a-clamps,
  • apple boxes,
  • extension cords,
  • power strips,
  • 2 x v-flats/stage,
  • mini boom,
  • c-stand arm,
  • additional c-stands (if available),
  • lastolite reflectors,
  • fans,
  • studio stools,
  • folding chairs,
  • 4' and 6' tables.
Each Studio Features:
  • make up station with vanity mirror and two stools,
  • sofa/couch/seating,
  • speaker,
  • changing area (tent, curtains or screen)
  • 1 x clothing rack
  • 2 x tables (4' or 6'),
  • free Wi-Fi.
  • black curtains are available in Stage B, Pro I, Pro II and Art 3,
  • freight elevator (please check with us in advance for hours of operation),
  • ceiling hooks for punching bag, hammock or swing in Stages A, D and Art 3.
  • Bathtub filled (Pro I, Secret Loft) $149 per filling.
  • Freshly re-painted cyc wall in Studio C, Pro II, NY Studio 1, Astoria 8 and Chi 2 is $75. For the studio Olympic 3 it’s $200.
Additional Rentals (please request in advance for the best experience)
  • Additional Alien Bee (with c-stand, power cord and available/requested light modifier) $35/booking
  • Paul C Buff Ring Flash (with c-stand and power cord) $10/hr
  • ProFoto D1 Kit (with 2 pocket wizards included) $69/booking
  • Tether + Repeater $15/booking
  • Tri-pod $25/booking
  • ProFoto/Eizo email the requested list to
  • Fog Machine (juice included) $15/hr
  • Dimmable LED light panels (900 Bids, CRI 96+) $35/booking
  • 24" x 24" x 24" product light box $10/booking
  • Video Projector $28/booking
  • Flexible Mirrors in Gold and Silver together $10/booking
  • Aputure LS C300d II LED Monolight (Yukon only) $30/booking
  • Aputure spotlight mount set (Yukon only) $15/booking
  • Astera titon LED tube each (Yukon only) $15/booking
  • Haze machine for $20
Available for purchase:
  • AA batteries $2.50 ea
  • 16 GB SD Cards $15 ea
  • bed sheets (for the secret loft, Hill 1, Hill 4 and Pro II) $25/set
  • towels (for Hill 7) $10 ea
Additional Services:
  • another color backdrop request $10/installation fee for each color, $6/every damaged foot till where we have to cut off,
  • pre-light services - please email us a reference image at least 2-3 days before your booking,
  • Professional Technical Assistant - email for rates and availability,
  • Phase One certified Digi Tech (options for 15" MacBook pro with Capture one, tethers and 27" NEC screen) - email for rates and availability,
  • Production Assistants - email for rates and availability,
  • Video Backstage - email for rates and availability,
  • Production Services - email the details of your project.

Stage is not soundproof.

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Door width
Door height
Weight limit
Opening hours


Freight Elevator

Door width
Door height
Weight limit
Opening hours


Studio details


  • checkbox One Room
  • checkbox Multi-Room
  • checkbox Natural Light
  • checkbox Indoor
  • checkbox Outdoor
  • checkbox Still Life
  • checkbox Sound Stage
  • checkbox Soundproof
  • checkbox Cyclorama

Studio details

  • checkbox Seamless
  • checkbox White Floors
  • checkbox White Walls
  • checkbox Exposed Brick
  • checkbox Shooting Kitchen
  • checkbox Shooting Bathroom
  • checkbox Rooftop
  • checkbox Overhead Shooting
  • checkbox Wood Floors
  • checkbox Outdoor access
  • checkbox Garden access
  • checkbox Black out shades
  • checkbox Vehicle access
  • checkbox Cityscape/Skyline views

Studio features

  • checkbox Basic Studio Equipment
  • checkbox On-Site Rental Equipment
  • checkbox On-site Support Staff
  • checkbox WiFi
  • checkbox Digital Tech On-Site
  • checkbox Air Conditioning
  • checkbox Computers available
  • checkbox Sound System
  • checkbox Pet Friendly
On-Site Rental Equipment description:

Included in each rental: 3x Flash Units; Wireless Triggers; Paper Backdrops; 2x HMU Stations; Sound System; Wi-Fi.


  • checkbox Makeup/Hair Room
  • checkbox Lounge
  • checkbox VIP Room
  • checkbox Mezzanine
  • checkbox Kitchen
  • checkbox Restroom
  • checkbox Shower




Max crew size
Ceiling height
10 ft
Terms and Conditions

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