Terms and Conditions

Studio rate is based on the number of people attending the event. The hourly rates listed below are for up to a 10-hour day. Hours 10-12 rate are billed at time and a half. Over 12 hours, the rate is double time. The studio rental rate includes the studio & outside patio. Rentals and/or equipment is not included in the hourly rental rate. These items can be rented separately.
Event Rates are as follows:
Up to 75 people = $150.00 per hour
76 to 100 people = $175.00 per hour
101 to 175 people = $200.00 per hour
176 to 225 people = $225.00 per hour
226 to 250 people = $250.00 per hour
Over 250 people = $275.00 per hour
Events also require a Cleaning/Site Rep Fee as follows:
Up to 75 people requires a $300.00 fee.
Over 75 people requires a $350.00 fee.
When Renter is serving alcohol, security guards are required as follows:
Up to 50 people requires 1 security guard
51 to 100 people requires 2 security guards.
Over 100 people requires 3-4 security guards.
You can provide your own guards or Issue Studio can provide guards at an agreed upon hourly rate.

All trash produced as a result of your event needs to be removed from the property. We can also discuss a trash removal fee, if needed.
Please do not arrive before your call time.
Overtime will be charged.
Guests are not allowed to leave the premises with cocktails or food.
There is no smoking allowed inside the property. Smoking is allowed in the patio-parking lot.
Holidays will be booked at an agreed upon rate. The hourly rate does not apply to holidays.