Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed and noted on the contract, all rates are for studio rentals only and do not include equipment rental, digital services, phone charges, café charges, or overtime.

A 25% studio rate surcharge is added for weekends. Other additional fees may apply. Cancellation fee is 100% of the studio rate.

The studio rate is based on a 10 hour day from 9am-7pm. Overtime rates are;6am-9am & 7pm-9pm is $200/hour,9pm-12am is $250/hour,and 12am-6am is $450/hour.

Unless requested, Comet does not alert your set when overtime commences.

A flat media fee of $30 as well as a power supply and distribution fee of $60 is added for all shoots.An additional power supply fee of $10 is added for each 1k of consistent light sources used.

Shooting in common areas of the premises is not permitted unless arranged in advance.Clearance for special effects, such as smoke, pyrotechnics or water, must also be arranged in advance.

A certificate of insurance for general liability in the amount of 1 million dollars is required for all shoots.The Certificate Holder should be shown as additional insured and appear as: Dtouch New York Ltd (72 Allen Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10002)A rider for rented equipment that covers the value of equipment that you rent and names the Certificate Holder as additional loss payee is also required. *Let us know if we can help you determine that value.These insurance requirements can not be waived.

Credit card information and authorization is required for all accounts to remain open and billable. Any outstanding bills over 45 days will be charged to the credit card on file unless alternative previously arranged by Comet. Overseas billing parties are required to pay the full studio rate on or before the first day of the shoot. Discounted and reduced package rate bookings must be paid within 1 week of shoot.By signing the contract, signor agrees to have all charges guaranteed by the credit card supplied above or on the authorization form.

Our storage policy, please inform your production: Items may be delivered to the studio between 10:00am and 7:00pm the day before the shoot, and can not be accepted earlier without prior arrangement with Comet. All props, sets, and merchandise must be removed from site as your production wraps. Such items left to be picked up the following morning should be arranged with Comet, and we will confirm if space is available. Comet will accommodate your production to the best of our capabilities, however storage space is allocated on a first come, first serve basis and at our discretion. When overnight storage is arranged items must be removed the following day between 10:00am and 7:00pm. Items left behind without prior arrangement will be subject to storage fee of $200/day Monday - Friday and $500/day Saturday - Sunday as we operate 7 days a week. Such items may be discarded after 7 days. Your production is responsible for packaging all items so they are well protected for handling / moving into storage areas, and for labeling all pieces with destination and contact information. Our messenger form is required to be completed and brought to Studio Service before you leave if any items are to bepicked up by messengers.