Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 Safety:

All renters are expected to do their part to insure safety for their attendees.

All attendees should be prepared with their own PPE. All attendees are expected to do responsible hand-washing throughout the shoot and be mindful of physical distancing.

Disposable masks and gloves are available in case any attendee arrives without their own.

Any attendee showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave. Temperature checks are provided at the entrance.

Touchless hand sanitizer stations are provided on-site. All shared surfaces are disinfected prior, during, and after each shoot.

Limited shoots and occupancy: we are currently limiting the number of shoots per week to give the space adequate time to safely be cleaned and aired out. While we do have a/c in the space, crews can open up all windows for cross breeze & ventilation as well.

Private entrance. We are one studio, not a building split into many studios. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination, etc.

All attendees release us of liability and enter at their own risk. Productions should have their own COIs to cover their risk. While we do everything within our power to keep the space a safe environment, it should be understood it’s a group effort as well.