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Studios60 Alley Stage

$200 per hour

Studios60 H20 Stage

$350 per hour

Studios60 Office Stage

$100 per hour

Studios60 Center Stage

$300 per hour

Exclusive Hollywood Daylight Studio

$500 per day

Multi-purpose studio available for rent in the heart of Highland Park

$1,000 per day

LA Loft

$100 per hour

Natural Light Industrial Loft Style Hollywood Studio

$50 per hour

LA - Mid City Natural Light Industrial Space, Studio 3

$2,100 per day

LA - Mid City Photo Studio w/Cyc - Studio 1

$1,700 per day

Historic Hudson Studios

$150 per hour

Modern, Private, Centrally Located Studio

$1,500 per day

Industrial Multi-Purpose Hollywood Studio

$100 per hour

Eagle Rock, LA 1250 sq ft Cyc Studio

$700 per day

NY Style Natural Light Loft in LA with a Kitchen

$2,000 per day


$100 per hour

Decoy Studios

$50 per hour

Spacious Open Blackbox Studio

$450 per day

Cahuenga Studio

$500 per day

Helms Daylight Studio

$1,500 per day


$1,000 per day

Creative studio space for photo, video, casting, class

$450 per day

Culver City Studio

$1,250 per day

Exposed Brick with White Cyc Studio Space

$75 per hour

Photo & Video Studio in Pasadena, CA

$300 per day