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DUMBO CYC Studio 20 ft Ceilings!

$1,500 per day

Rooftop Conference Room

$2,250 per day

Dumbo Rooftop

$4,000 per day

Huge Renovated Dumbo Loft

$2,650 per day

Huge Greenpoint Loft

$5,600 per day

Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse

$6,000 per day

Sunny Downtown Manhattan Loft with View

$1,200 per day

Huge DUMBO Renovated Factory Location

$6,500 per day

Studio 3 - daylight Cyc Studio

$850 per day

Studio 4 - Bright daylight Cyc studio

$850 per day

Long Island City Bright 1800 sq ft Cyc Studio w/ Roof Access

$1,500 per day

Long Island City Industrial Loft with Skyline View

$1,000 per day

Affordable modern, fully-equipped Studio

$550 per day

Wide Open & Raw Studio Space- Industrial And Ornate

$2,000 per day

1200 SF studio includes FREE vintage props, and furniture!

$600 per day

Midtown 1000 sq ft Modern Studio

$600 per day

LA - Mid City Natural Light Industrial Space, Studio 3

$2,100 per day

Dumbo Rooftop with Manhattan Bridge Views

$3,500 per day

Hill 8 - Stage with Red Phone Booth

$450 per day

LA - Mid City Photo Studio w/Cyc - Studio 1

$1,700 per day

Modern Greenpoint Rooftop with Manhattan Skyline Views

$4,800 per day

Hill 5 - Romantic White Stage with South-Facing Window

$450 per day

Flatiron Natural Light Raw Space

$1,400 per day

Hill 7 - Rain Room

$650 per day

Hill 6 - Corner stage with lots of daylight

$400 per day