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Grand Central Loft

$5,000 per day

Large Downtown Loft With 3 Rooms

$95 per hour

Studio West

$1,500 per day


$1,500 per day

Downtown LA Fully Equipped Studio

$250 per day

Historic 1908 loft

$100 per hour


$99 per hour

Stylist boutique DTLA loft.

$50 per hour

Stage A - Day-light studio with large windows

$45 per hour

Stage D - Large L.A. Loft with North & West Facing window

$56 per hour

Stage B - Black Stage in the Heart of L.A. Flower District

$45 per hour

Stage C -Bright Studio with Cyclorama, Artificial Grass Wall

$62 per hour

Stage F - City View Cozy Little Loft with Duo-Zone Laminate Flooring

$45 per hour

The Mill

$4,000 per day

Creative Office Space

$1,500 per day

Large, Clean Warehouse for Shoots

$2,750 per day

Arts District Steel Factory

$3,000 per day

Roberto's Loft

$3,000 per day

Natural Light + Fully Equipped | Studio

$50 per hour

Art 4 - Downtown Loft with Dark Wood Corner, Red Furniture

$67 per hour

Studio B

$40 per hour

Studio A

$45 per hour

Art 1 - LA Loft with Concrete Textured Wall, Big Windows

$67 per hour

Art 3 - Downtown Loft with Rose Wall and a Bath Tub

$67 per hour

Art 2 - LA Wood Stage with Large Windows, Wooden Platform

$67 per hour