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Rooftop Conference Room

$2,250 per day

Modern Greenpoint Rooftop with Manhattan Skyline Views

$4,800 per day

Williamsburg Loft Studio

$800 per day

Midtown 1000 sq ft Modern Studio

$600 per day

Williamsburg 1st Floor Loft

$2,750 per day

Bright, Beautiful Loft in Downtown Manhattan

$1,100 per day

Penthouse Studio in West Chelsea

$2,600 per day

Light Filled White-on-White Loft

$250 per hour

Loft 10 | Terrace | High Ceilings | Projector | AV

$2,050 per day

Loft 9 | Fully-functional kitchen | White kitchen

$1,950 per day

White 10,000 sf| Cyclorama | Terrace on Hudson Yards | High Ceilings

$4,000 per day

Fully Equipped Photo | Video | Double ceilings | Kitchen | Shower

$2,950 per day

Mid Town Photo Studio

$600 per day

Daylight Drive In Studio - Garment District

$1,200 per day

Penthouse Daylight Studio - Garment District

$1,000 per day

Midtown White Loft

$1,400 per day

Professional Kitchen Studio Midtown

$145 per hour

Full-Service Daylight Photo Studio in Greenpoint

$650 per day

1500 Sq Ft in Greenpoint, BK with Full Cyc

$1,100 per day

Full Service Photo Studio With Fully-Equipped Kitchen

$1,550 per day

2000 sq ft Hells Kitchen South Light Loft

$225 per hour

Huge Wide-Open LOFT with South Light

$225 per hour

Upscale Tin Roof Daylight Loft Studio

$650 per hour

Wide Plank Oak Floor LOFT with Lots of Light

$225 per hour

Beautiful Shabby Chic South Light Loft 2000 sq ft

$225 per hour