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The Hall

£650 per day

the Cove

£352 per day

Daylight West Gallery

£260 per day

East London Factory Conversion With Exposed Brickwork

£750 per day

Ample Space

£25 per hour

Modern East London Gallery Space

$2,300 per day

Stunning East London Studio with Natural Light

$800 per day

Striking Wood-Panelled Indoor Terrace

$1,050 per day

Full-Blackout Large East London Studio

$800 per day

Unique Natural Light East London Studio

$550 per day

South London House Location

€800 per day

Kemble House

£350 per day

Simulacra Studio Two

£360 per day

Simulacra Studio One

£720 per day

Industrial Rooftop

£1,300 per day

Dockyard Kitchen

£710 per day

Studio Green

£590 per day

Studio Bohemian

£650 per day

Warehouse Kitchen & Cove

£830 per day

Everyangle Studio: Industrial Style, Exposed Brick Daylight Studio in South West London

£350 per day