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Comet Studio

$1,600 per day

First Option Location Studio

£750 per day

Berlin Daylight Studio

$990 per day

Architectural Firm Meeting Space - Arts District

$8,000 per day

Studio 104

$500 per day

LA Loft

$100 per hour

Flatiron Sunlit Loft with Two Shootable Kitchens

$3,000 per day

Arts District Steel Factory

$5,000 per day

Production Studio - Still and Motion

$1,000 per day


€700 per day


$1,000 per day

Tiny Viking

$1,000 per day

Ocean Studio Berlin

€400 per day

Dtouch Creative

$1,200 per day

South London House Location

$800 per day

Eoin Moylan Studio

€700 per day

Hackney Studios Three

£400 per day

Icetank Studio

$1,850 per day

LA Daylight Loft East

$1,100 per day

LA Daylight Loft West

$1,100 per day

Historic Sunlit Photography Studio in Williamsburg

$1,850 per day

Modern Williamsburg Rooftop, Manhattan Skyline Views

$7,200 per day

Natural Light Urban Rustic-Chic in RiNo

$3,000 per day

Greenpoint Rooftop with Manhattan Skyline Views

$7,200 per day

Hackney Studios Two

£1,000 per day