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Simulacra Studio, London

£60 per hour

Decoy Studios

$50 per hour

Berlin Daylight Studio

€990 per day

Natural Light + Fully Equipped | Studio

$50 per hour

Culver City Studio

$1,250 per day

LA Loft

$100 per hour

Flatiron Daylight Studio for Rent - Perfect Beauty, Portrait, and Still Life Setup. Gear rental available

$105 per hour

Studios60 Center Stage

$300 per hour

Studios60 CYC Stage

$200 per hour

Jane Ives Studio

$275 per hour

Studios60 Raw Stage

$400 per hour

Chinatown Studio

$1,900 per day

Neponset River Studios

$700 per day

Creative Loft with Awesome Textures by The High Line

$270 per hour

Kip Studios

$128 per hour

Loft 9 | Fully-functional kitchen | White kitchen

$1,950 per day

Tiny Viking

$1,000 per day

Studios60 H20 Stage

$350 per hour

Fully Furnished Penthouse & Terrace

$2,000 per day


$75 per hour

Arts District Industrial Gallery

$8,000 per day

Atlanta Full Working Kitchen and Daylight Studio

$1,400 per day

Berlin Studio Park

€600 per day

Madison Avenue Penthouse Studio

$650 per day

Daylight Photo Studio

$650 per day