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Studio 5

£550 per day

The Good Studios

$1,800 per day

Studio 1

£500 per day

Denver Photo Collective

$100 per hour

LINE LA Hotel: Shatto Studio B

$400 per day

Eastside Photo Studio

$1,200 per day

Studio 4

£800 per day

Gorgeous West Village Studio w/ Natural Light

$1,600 per day

Airy Daylight Photo Studio

$975 per day

Chinatown/LES Studio

$90 per hour

Studio 2

£500 per day

Fairway Studios

$75 per hour


$750 per day

Studios60 Rooftop Stage

$200 per hour

Studio 3 - daylight Cyc Studio

$850 per day

City Creative Orlando

$25 per day

LA - Mid City Natural Light Industrial Space, Studio 3

$2,100 per day

Flatiron Nomad Daylight Loft

$800 per day

Daylight Photo Studio / Downtown LA

$1,000 per day

Dumbo Rooftop, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Skyline Views

$6,000 per day

Modern in the Mountains

$3,125 per day

Croney Cove

$5,000 per day

Dark to Light Creative Studio

$75 per hour

Studios60 H20 Stage

$350 per hour

Natural Light Industrial Loft Style Hollywood Studio

$50 per hour