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Large DTLA Industrial Loft

$50 per hour

Large Dumbo Rooftop Overlooking Hudson

$7,200 per day

Large, Clean Warehouse for Shoots

$2,750 per day

Large Cyc Wall minutes from Buckhead

$650 per day

Full-Blackout Large East London Studio

$800 per day

Large Cyc Wall Studio in West Midtown

$795 per day

Stage A - Day-light studio with large windows

$500 per day

Large Naturally 24 hour Lit Multi-purpose Studio

$280 per day

Manhattan Daylight Penthouse Studios

$2,600 per day

Art 2 - LA Wood Stage with Large Windows, Wooden Platform

$64.99 per hour

Pro I - L.A. Loft with Urban View, Large Frameless Windows

$54.99 per hour

Stage D - Large L.A. Loft with North & West Facing window

$600 per day

Hill 4 - Large Natural Light Stage with Red Deco Wall

$600 per day

The Dumbo Spot

$2,250 per day

High Ceilings with Cyc in Red Hook, Brooklyn

$1,700 per day

Multipurpose Warehouse Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn

$2,200 per day

Mountain Studio Rental

$650 per day

Kemble House

£350 per day

Pro II - Loft with Urban View, Large Frameless Window and Bl

$54.99 per hour

Denver, Large Sound Stage With A/C & Power + Pro Audio, Video

$2,175 per day

Helms Daylight Studio

$1,500 per day

Eoin Moylan Studio

€700 per day

East London Factory Conversion With Exposed Brickwork

£750 per day

The Floor

$45 per hour

Simulacra Studio, London

£60 per hour